The Nitibu Foundation

The foundation for the diseased poorest

The Nitibu Foundation is a Tanzanian youth-led data-driven organization that uses “sustainable spotlight” to mitigate the risk of HIV, treat young people living with HIV/AIDS and deliver inclusive economic empowerment that powers younger generation from vulnerable communities to fight HIV/AIDS and alleviate poverty. The organization was founded by Tanzania young doctors on late 2015 some living with HIV and is run by youth for the youth and at risk population. The foundation employs youth led-data driven sustainable spotlight to mitigate the risk of acquiring HIV among high risk youth, test Younger general population, monitor and treat young people living with HIV/AIDS similarity to improve their income .Using a “sustainable spotlight” under scope of mobile technology young people are directed to engage into eco-ventures in their presumed HIV indicator in one of 10 high risk groups; Young People who inject drugs, Prisoners, Sex workers, Uncircumcised youth, adolescent mothers (children), Young People with disabilities and Mental illness, young Women affected by violence and girls and boys from poverty stricken vulnerable communities. The eco-ventures mitigate the risk of HIV acquisition; enable HIV testing, Ensure ART adherence and complications treatment and Help Bridge destitute among high risk groups predisposing many young people, girls and women to HIV/AIDS and fall back into absolute poverty.

Why Nitibu Foundation

"NITIBU", a Swahili word which means "TREAT"


HIV/AIDS is leading cause of deaths among young people aged 10-24 in Africa and second globally. Sadly despite of long term global collaborative efforts to fight HIV disease key young people from vulnerable communities are disproportionately affected and hardly hit by the virus. In Sub Saharan Africa region 84% of all Young people with HIV live here, Tanzania is one of the nation in the region and is the leading country with high number of young people living with HIV/AIDS in Eastern Africa where 1 in 5 young people is living with HIV and 3 in 5 those living with HIV are Female aged 14-19. It is projected that there will be more than 10 million Tanzanian young people living with HIV by 2030 including 4.5 million children.Many young people affected by HIV live below poverty line and many are falling back into absolute poverty due socio-economic shocks brought by the disease. In worst cases of burden of HIV/AIDS families cheaply take off their food, properties and valuable land, take children out of school or die peacefully at home because of destitute. Young people remain the only drives of all economies and development, leaving this valuable generation to be weak, poor and ill affects our move of sustainable development 2030.