The 'Sine qua-non' of the Nitibu foundation

Dr. Noely Mapunda was born from poor family in Ugano village, All of his parents were small holder farmers residing in southern highland Tanzania. At age of 8 he dropped out of school because he was the last born available at home to care his father who was suffering long term illness at home. After loosing his father at 10, he was taken and raised by his sister in Peramiho village about 150km away from Ugano village, where he studied primary school and secondary school, and successfully joined advanced studies in 2012 and medical school in northern Tanzania in 2014 under Tanzania government sponsorship. His ground rooted experience to care his father at early age is what has inspired  him to become a medical doctor.  He says "May father, never imagine he could suffer long standing illness, he looked healthy and growing up had no major health problem, but suddenly one he developed a strange headache assuming that it was just a mere headache, he took pain relievers, next day he fallen down and lost speech , followed by deep coma. That was a stroke. Efforts to save his life was unsuccessful and we were told that our father has extremely raised blood pressure  which was not discovered earlier,

At that time I knew nothing about the disease" 

Noely Mapunda Photo, December, 2007

In 2013 he founded Nitibu Spotlight that was identifying, scoring and treating the diseased poorest through allowing anyone to treat scored neglected individuals  across the country. In 2015 as first year students he was invited in south Africa  by Mandela institute of Development to share his ambitions for the future of Africa, In 2015 he successfully founded the Nitibu Foundation, to treat the poor, enable the poor to fight disease and pioneer innovations for health of the poor population. The main foundation's commitment is to make sure every poor deserve the right to access healthcare everywhere anytime and hold the health in their own hand now and then.