Meet Ngindura Athuman, 14

Published on 25th December 2018


Ngindura 14 is HIV positive and school dropout adolescent first time pregnant mother  from Mbuta village in  south Tanzania in sub Saharan Africa, Ngindura Joined  on The Nitibu foundation through “sustainable spotlight”  using her daily usable cell phone and see experienced maternal teams and maternal ventures to her localities and around,  Ngindura Selected to join venture that reflects her maternal indicator ( HIV+Positive adolescent mothers)  and receive cyclic fund from The Nitibu Foundation as membership share generated by 150 ventures in their localities to grow their entrepreneurial venture, The team guided Ngindura with all gestational schedules, checkup, vaccinations, HIV-ART medications and  screening and ANC visits without missing) while raising income for their venture, On third trimester spotlight offered 30% (approx95$) of income generated by the their venture and the rest to cover cost of Cesarian Section at Maguu Private hospital this included Transport, Food and other medical cost) Whenever the baby is sick the sustainable  spotlight offers 10% of the income generated during his membership to help her hospitalization and associated costs like transport, food etc. Her newborn now is 2 years, HIV-Negative, Who had PErP for 6 weeks with all vaccinations up to date, progressing well. Ngindura is working to encourage other vulnerable women to join the Foundation to cut off HIV among Children and adolescent mothers. more stories