The Foundation For the diseased Poorest

The Foundation For diseased poorest, the NITIBU FOUNDATION was founded on December 25 2015 as Inspired by real stories from patients who were admitted at BMC, "difficult survival"  was noticed because of late diagnosis and delay to care where poverty and related ill patients were inextricably linked. Where in worst cases of burden of diseases families sell their property,Cheaply take off valuable land, take children out of school or even start begging,Where vulnerable people die peacefully at home without healthcare interventions because of destitute.In sub-Saharan country the continent leading poorest region, the disease burden is 151.3 million Disability adjusted life years, putting its people in more poverty.Every day poor people dies and Puts the sub Saharan Africa the leading region with more preventable causes of mortality, Approximately 90 percent of patients who dies in sub-Saharan region are either poor or victims of violent and dies from diseases which are preventable and treatable which are undiscovered, untreated, undertreated, accidently diagnosed or just simply dies at home. We have experienced all these in Tanzania, grounded by Founder's story, in 2015  We took a stand to start a mission, a mission with vision of ending painful deaths in Sub Saharan Africa, the NITIBU FOUNDATION

Meet Our first Patient

Joseph Makalieni, 30


Joseph was ill at home for more than 3 years without attending any health facility, because he didn't have money to cover medical costs he went to several traditional hillers where he was treated several times but the condition was still deteriorating and them he was waiting to die at home. On the point he was scored by our data system and get connected to Mbinga district hospital where they found severe anemia with hemoglobin of 1.4g/dl , Blood Transfusions and Ant-warms were enough to bring Joseph back to Life again.